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Monday, July 5, 2010

BIGG MARV: Hammer's Cousin Making Moves As His Own Man

by Cyrus Webb

He might be known by many as simply M. C. Hammer's cousin, but Marvin Turell Grant known affectionally as Bigg Marv is making his own moves and building his own brand not just in the entertainment industry but in the community as well. The 34 year old has been around the highs and lows that come with success, but he always remembers what is important.

"It's all about family," he says with a smile. "Nothing else really matters. That is what I want people to know about me when they see me on tv or read about me. Without the family, the rest wouldn't mean anything."

The message of family was in the forefront of the successful first season of HAMMERTIME that debuted on A&E in 2009. In it you saw Hammer balancing his career and building a business along with keeping the family life going. With family being such a major part of the show, Bigg Marv was seen right along with them. "I feel thankful for people letting us into their homes the way they have through the show," he says.

Since music is a major part of what Hammer is known for, some might think that the obvious comparison to Hammertime would be Run's House. Bigg Marv says that another famous family of color is mentioned when he is talking with others about the show. "People compare it to the Cosby Show. I think because outside the music, it is a family show and is really about how the family is there regardless of what else is going on. I also like that comparison because of the positive image that is portrayed by the Cosbys. It shows that black families aren't all about the streets and that life. We can be successful and stick together through the good and bad."

Ironically, it was an incident in 2009 that would test the support that Bigg Marv would experience. At the height of the show's airing on television, he found himself in the midst of a real-life drama off screen that threatened to destroy everything he had been working for. Marv was worried not about the case, but about the way the allegations would be perceived. "I was concerned for my family and the impact it would have on them and my fans," he says. Part of what got him through what was his faith and realizing this was just another trial that he had to go through.

Though he doesn't want to get too into the situation that led to charges being filed against him, it should be noted that in June 2010 all charges against him were dropped in the case. In addition to that, Marv's attorney has been emphatic about the fact that no deal was made in the matter and no money was paid to anyone.

With that behind him, he is using his name recognition to continue his work in the community and fighting for the rights of children. Bigg Marv continues to work with Hammer's label Full Blast Music Group which includes artists Pleasure Ellis, J. D. Greer, Stooge Playaz and Dasit. He also consults for companies involved in the music business, including Brite Mic Entertainment.

No matter what he is involved in, though, Bigg Marv hopes to use his life as an example of what is possible for anyone with a dream or a vision as well as the passion to get things done. "You can't give up," he says. "Your life is not about where you are from. It is all about what you do with what you have."

Always communicating with fans through twitter at and on video chats, Bigg Marv believes he is using his success to make a difference in the lives of other people. In his eyes, that is what it should be about. "All of this can be gone tomorrow," he reflects. "What's going to remain is the impact I've had on other people."

With that in mind, he pledges to use each day to the best of his ability, knowing that to whom much is given, much is required.

Bigg Marv is a part of the Shadow Play Entertainment Marketing and PR Group. For interview requests or appearances, contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.

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