Shadow Play Ent.'s Current Client Listing (Details available upon request)

  • Michael F. Blake, author
  • Darnell "Superchef" Ferguson
  • M. Beatryce Shaw, author/speaker
  • Bigg Marv, Label Consultant
  • Nebo Publishing
  • Samara Alexander, author
  • Cherie Johnson,actress/director/author
  • Bonnie Barnett, author
  • Tray Chaney, actor/author/recording artist
  • Yorli Huff, author/community activist
  • Bruce Tretter, Resident Chef
  • Herschel Dixon, Sports Analyst
  • Joseph Henderson, author
  • Mr. Mean Mug, author
  • Mary E. Gilder, author/speaker/talk show host
  • Carlos Spann, Video Photographer/Editor
  • Gail Ambeau, Artist/Fashion Designer/Stylist
Past clients of Shadow Play Entertainment include recording artist/author Corey "C-Murder Miller", recording artist Jack Squad, author Kia Stokes, author V. Lovell Brigham, model/actor Derrick Hargrove, recording artist Kut Supreme, author Pamela Samuels-Young, author Patricia A. Thomas, author T. C. Alexander, authors Rita B. Davis, Andre Johnson, Gary Kaschak, Steve Hyppolite, author Sherry Hill, author Anthony Littlefield, Jeanelle Lanham and others.

Shadow Play Entertainment also secured exclusive interviews with reality show contestants from VH1's I Want To Work For Diddy Season One and MTV's 50 CENT: The Money & The Power.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tray Chaney Collabs With Mississippi Rapper Ziggy

Actor/recording artist/author Tray Chaney is looking to 2012 with excitement and optimism.

With movie and music projects in the works and The Wire preparing to celebrate its 10 year anniversary, Tray is also looking to expand his reach to others areas including working with other artists. When he heard about Mississippi recording artist Ziggy, he knew he had found someone that he wanted to collaborate with.

"Ziggy has a unique sound that I know others will feel," says Tray. WIth songs like "Shake It Baby" and "Feel Like", Ziggy has already began to build a buzz in the Magnolia state. Tray believes he can help the talented artist to reach listeners outside of the South.

The two are already working on features and their is even talk of releasing an album together. "The skies the limit for both of us," says Tray. "Looking forward to what the future holds." Ziggy's manager, Stanley Clark of Real Deal Entertainment, agrees.

To get a sneak peek at music by Tray Chaney and Ziggy visit To keep in touch with Tray and his upcoming projects, visit

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shadow Play Entertainment Announces New Talk Show, The Conversation

When it comes to co-hosted talk shows that mix in a flavor of news, entertainment and guest interviews you already have The View and The Talk. Now Shadow Play Entertainment is pleased to announce the debut of its own talk show geared towards presenting quality programming from the male perspective. Introducing The Conversation, a place were online radio listeners can come and get a mixture of the issues of the day coupled with great conversations with amazing guests.

Created by Conversations LIVE host Cyrus Webb and co-executive produced by Webb and Herschel Dixon, the show will feature four co-hosts (Bigg Marv of A&E's HAMMERTIME, Bruce Tretter of "Quick and Easy Cooking", celebrated comedian Ced Delaney and bestselling author Elliott Katz) who are sure to bring their own perspectives to the table, making for a lively show for listeners of all backgrounds and interests.

The Conversation debuts Sunday, January 8, 2012 @ 6:30p.m. et (5:30p.m. ct/3:30p.m. pt) and can be heard at "We're really proud of this new addition to the Conversations family," says Webb. "I think listeners will find this to be a great way to finish off the weekend and begin the new week." The show's first guest will be actor/recording artist/author Tray Chaney known for his role as Poot Carr on HBO's The Wire.

For more information about the show or to inquire about being a guest, contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616. You can also visit

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shadow Play Entertainment Welcomes Darnell "Superchef" Ferguson

Darnell Ferguson is a 24 year old Executive Chef and full time daddy from Columbus, Ohio. He first got into cooking professionally his junior year of high school while attending North East Career Center, majoring in culinary arts. Upon his graduation he was recruited by one of the top 3 culinary institutes in the nation, Sullivan University, where he stood out immensely. Darnell graduated with the mindset that he would leave a mark in the cooking game.

His experiences range from being part of the first students ever chosen by the U.S.A. to participate in their countries olympics as chefs. In 2008 he had the blessing of living in China and being a chef for the U.S.A. teams, sponsors and delegations, including personally(as a team) cooking for the former president of the United States, and other celebrities. He has also worked at the #1 hotel in America (2009-2010), and other top restaurants and big events.

Throughout everything he has done he always knew he wanted to be a personal chef, so he came up with a way to be a personal chef for millions when he created his website On this site he gives online cooking lessons and recipes through demo’s. He is currently in the midst of relaunching the site the second week of November 2011. Changes include making it easier for viewers to watch the videos faster and to be able to get cooking lessons simpler. So far, has been Darnell’s trademark and we feel it always will be, but he is currently in the process of starting up his own breakfast restaurant which will be called “Brain Foods”. It will be a health driven breakfast restaurant which highlights energetic foods and healthy alternatives that he has created that taste amazing!! Brain Foods first location will be in Louisville, KY, because of the geological needs, but within a year and a half he plans to have one in his hometown, Columbus.

While he constantly keeps his plate full, he is always looking to partner up with motivated young people. He and a college roommate have recently started a childerns daycare catering service, which ensures that kids will eat like KINGS.

Behind his success he first acknowledges God, then family and friends. Unlike some entrepreneurs, his family has never doubted one of his career decisions and his friends, for example JONATHAN SMITH (also part of cookingin10), have always supported and never doubted Darnell’s success, even though many have.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bigg Marv Set To Host Events At Fort Irwin In California

Bigg Marv, the co-star of the hit reality show HAMMERTIME on A&E, is working with the organization MISSION ONE VOICE and hosting events at Fort Irwin in California on Sept. 24,25th.

Known for his background in music and the entertainment industry, Bigg Marv will be hosting events and giving back to the community that he is a part of. "My dad was in the army," says Bigg Marv. "I'm excited about the work that Mission One Voice is doing to bring attention to the soldiers and their families and doing something for the community as well." (This is the second time Marv has teamed up with Mission One Voice in events like this. The first time was a concert for the troops and their families in New York featuring Ne-Yo in July 2011.)

On Saturday, September 24th Bigg Marv will be hosting the MCSC Chili Cook-Off. This will take place at the Irwin Town Center and will include performances by recording artists Hip Kitty and Tommy Stanley.

On Sunday, September 25th Bigg Marv will be one of the judges during the Cali Swag Car Show.

For more information about the events and how the public can be involved visit or To keep in touch with Bigg Marv and his upcoming events follow him on Twitter at

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shadow Play Entertainment Welcomes Author Yorli Huff

Shadow Play Entertainment is pleased to welcome author/activist Yorli Huff to it growing family.

Huff is the author of the book THE VEIL OF VICTORY. This book tells a story of a young woman's amazing journey, and triumph over child sexual, spousal abuse, and severe work discrimination. Yorli finds herself in an exciting career as an undercover drug agent, and the book covers not just her growth as a person but that of her faith and relationship with God as well.

Find out more information about the author and her upcoming projects by visiting

Author Patricia A. Thomas: Using Her Faith To Educate and Inspire The Masses

by Cyrus Webb

If you haven't heard of Author and Minister Patricia A. Thomas before, after this interview you won't be able to forget her. The native of Arcadia, Louisiana now resides in Columbus, Ohio but has penned a book that will have people talking all around the world. GOD REVEALS A MYSTERY is more than likely one of the most intriguing books that Conversations has read thus far. Addressing issues that involve science, religion and faith, the book will cause you to examine what it says closely and measure it against what you already believe.

Each day Patricia can be found using social networking sites like Facebook to educate and inspire through the message from God's Word. In this exclusive interview, Thomas talks about what her intentions are with the book and how she hopes to get people talking and reading for themselves before they make a decision. Here is our conversation.

Patricia, thanks for taking the time to talk with us about your new book GOD REVEALS A MYSTERY. Before we get into what the book is about, tell our listeners a little about yourself.
Cyrus, I first want to thank you for this great opportunity to share the love of God, through Jesus Christ, and the truth that is in my book. I was born in Shreveport, Louisiana weighing in at exactly 10 pounds (thank you God for giving my dear mother the strength to deliver me with NO medication). I was raised primarily in a small rural town called Arcadia. I was very active at my high school with playing basketball, being a cheerleader, being on the drill team, and participating in other school activities to keep me busy.

After graduating from my high school, I was accepted to attend The Ohio State University in Columbus,Ohio, where I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in English. I am also a Licensed Missionary Evangelist who has been blessed by God to do Radio Ministry, in the past, for a few years, and I have been able to deliver messages of love and conviction from God to youth, adults, and to those who are incarcerated.

One thing that is clear from the book is your love of scripture. Is that something that has always been the case?
Yes, I have always loved the holy scriptures. But like many young people, I didn't read and study the entire Holy Bible until I became an adult. I began to seriously study and read the Holy Bible, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, around the age of 30 and I have read the entire Bible and I continue to read and study, which is God's will for every Christian.

I'm curious as to how your faith has guided you in making decisions in your life, and why you think you have followed your faith with so many have not.
With the ministry that I have been chosen to do, along with my unique book, God has allowed me to experience things to prepare me to build up my faith walk, which is necessary. With that being said, since God has given me a lot (compared to others) He expects a lot from me. With me being a visionary, God has guided me to do His will and with me being imperfect, I sometimes fail God. However, God is faithful and
He has remained with me as a true spiritual Father would do. I am honored and humbled of God's faithfulness to continue to guide and lead me in my imperfect life.

Can you tell us when you first got the idea to write the book?
God first opened my spiritual eyes to the truth and spoke this revelation knowledge to me, concerning the demise of the “dinosaur”, in 1997 and from that I wrote a poem, with the foundation being that the name “dinosaur” was coined or made-up in 1842 and the real animal's name is serpent or dragon (both names mean the same thing in Greek) and that they still exist- in its cursed form according to Genesis 3:14. It only took me a few months to write the manuscript and in 2006, God gave me scientific information to write in my book to prove that my theory would eventually become a fact, at the appointed time, unlike other theories that will never be proven. That year, in 2006, my book was published.

There are some who will say, Patricia, is that you using scriptures to justify your own thoughts about science. How would you respond to that?
My response would be that not only do I know the God-given truth, but others do too. There are people who know this truth concerning the demise of the “dinosaurs”, who don't have my book and the truth is growing. But, I am the only person to have the scientific or concrete information in my copyrighted book to prove that the DNA in the spine of the cursed serpent (commonly called a snake) will match
the fossil of the serpent or dragon that have been found in many places on the earth. This DNA testing has never been done before in the world and it will prove that they are synonymous. One truth can silence many lies. Therefore, I must stay in my lane and finish my God-ordained race and not worry about what some people will say about my book or me. God has a great plan to unveil and I am excited about the outcome! God will always win!

Do you think that it is possible for faith and science to co-exist when it comes to the universe and what the earth was like many years ago?
Absolutely! Science is defined, by some, as the process or technique of how things are done. God created everything and He has recorded the beginning of things in the book of Genesis and He continues to show us His power daily with things that are evident, such as the earth being suspended on nothing without falling or the WIND- we can physically feel it; but, we can't physically see the wind. Only God has the scientific knowledge and wisdom to explain His creations and my faith believes in Him and not in the Evolution Theory, which are a set of assumptions that have NOT been proven, but this guess can be taught to our youth in public schools, who are our most vulnerable.

Can you tell us about the response you have gotten so far to the book?
So far, the majority of the responses have been good, God has opened the spiritual eyes of some people to see the truth. Some have told me that it is so obvious and wondered why they couldn't see it before until they read my book, God Reveals a Mystery! As my book continues to grow, it will be controversial to some people. I will accept the cheering and jeering to do God's will, because many other faithful servants before me have too, including Jesus Christ. I will not be afraid in what I know God will do.

With it being such a hot button topic, do you plan on holding events around the book to discuss it?
Definitely, I know that my unique book will continue to grow and the doors that God will open for me, no man can shut. I will continue to tell others the absolute truth, with using tolerance and love.

Patricia there are so many who are dealing with their own problems that
it's difficult for them to sometimes see the bigger picture when it comes to the
war of good against evil. How have you been able to use the Bible to share with
individuals that they are not alone in their suffering and what's behind it?

We all face problems and sometimes it is easier to say than to do what God's holy scriptures tell us that we must trust and have faith in Him. However, since the beginning,God has always been honest with us in his holy word that He created both good and evil and we face many tests that allows us to share our overcoming testimonies. Suffering is part of this temporary life (not eternal Kingdom living) and I know that "God's grace is sufficient and His power is made perfect in our weaknesses".

It's easy to become overwhelmed when faced with challenges. How do you
keep yourself motivated, and how do you think our readers can do the same?

In my book, I talk briefly about Job and the horrific challenges that he faced by the crafty, evil, and wicked devil (Satan, dragon, or serpent) that God allowed the enemy to do and I know that Job wasn't happy and he said so. Therefore, I motivate myself by standing on the holy words that are written in the book of Hebrews 4:16: "Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need."

Our young people are extremely vulnerable today because of the way the
world seems to attack and entice them. Tell us about your work to help arm them
with what they need for the fight.

I am part of Generation X (born 1961-1981) and God wants us to empower and encourage Generation Y (born 1982-2002) with using these wise words from Psalm 145:4 as a foundation: "One generation will commend God's works to another; they will tell of His mighty acts." With that being said, I am a youth advocate that believes in loving and providing wisdom to our children which is why I mentor teenage girls and I have spearheaded 3 Higher Education Fairs at my local church for my community. And I do "practice what I preach" in my OWN home- with my proudest accomplishment being a mother to my only child, Patrice, who will be attending the prestigious Ivy League Yale University in August.

Patricia, there are a lot of people that feel as though one of the problems with education today is that God is being kept out of the schools. What are your thoughts about that, and how do you feel about a discussion of faith being encouraged in the public school system?
Cyrus, that is a great question and God's answer to that is He wants to be back in the public school system. Many times, God has allowed people to make their own decisions and choices, because of the free will that He has given to us. However, with that we all fall short and it teaches us lessons of how God needs to direct our paths for us to not fail by using His holy word as the foundation. This is one of those situations where some made the wrong decision and we have paid a costly price for it- with our children being lied to about who they are and not the truth about them being created in God's wonderful image.

In closing, what advice would you give individuals who feel they have been given a story to tell but haven't taken the steps to share it?
My simple advice that I would give, as I have given to others is: “If you put forth the effort, you will see the results.” Also, please stay focused and do research before pursuing your goals, because knowledge applied is power, it means nothing if you don't use it.

Thank you for your time, Patricia. How can our readers find out more about you, your book and what is next for you?
Again, Cyrus thank you for this great opportunity to share the love of God, through Jesus Christ, and the truth that is in my book. Please know that my book is available on the world-wide web at thousands of websites, including my preferred site, Barnes and Noble. Anyone can find out some information about me,
my book, and my upcoming events at: or

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

(June 15, 2011) What's Coming Up For Shadow Play Entertainment

(June 15, 2011) The month of June has come in and been a busy one for Shadow Play Entertainment as it continues to grow, inspire and change to fit the needs of its new audience. Here are some of the things you should know about...

The next edition of Conversations Magazine is available for purchasing. It features interviews with author Larry Wilson, recording artist Dashawn, new commentary from Helene Weinberger, profiles of Two Out Of Three and a new section called "Model Citizen".
The magazine is only $6.99, shipping included or you can get your 12 issue 1 year subscription for only $24.99. For details visit

(Sat. June 18, 2011) In Mississippi author Alean McIntyre Adams will be signing her new book WAY BEYOND PISGAH at the Milestone Christian Bookstore in Brandon/Pearl from 11-1p.m. on Sat. June 18, 2011.

(Tues. June 28, 2011) Shadow Play Entertainment is working with the state of Mississippi in hosting New York Times Bestselling author Wahida Clark in her first visit to Mississippi on Tues. June 28, 2011.
There will be events all day, and the full schedule can be found at

(Wed. June 29, 2011) Mississippi native Cyrus Webb (aka C. A. Webb) will be hosting his first art show and poetry reading of the year on Wed. June 29, 2011.
This will be held at the Pearl Public Library beginning at 3p.m. Admission to events are free.

Lots of new things are also in the works for M. Beatryce Shaw and other members of the family. To stay updated make sure you visit

Monday, April 25, 2011

(March 25th) Author M. Beatryce Shaw's Visit To MS: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

On Friday, March 25, 2011 children's book author M. Beatryce Shaw made her first trip to Mississippi from South Carolina to share the message of acceptance that is contained in the first two books of her Mr. Browne series. The result? Residents of the Magnolia State in Jackson, Pearl and Brandon were given the opportunity to meet the author, hear the story behind the books and share in the success of her visit.

The day began at Pearl Public Library in Pearl, MS where Shaw, accompanied by Conversations Book Club President Cyrus Webb of Mississippi and Harold Utley of South Carolina, was able to meet with patrons and discuss her books with them. The staff, led by Mara Villa, graciously welcomed the author and made her feel at home in her first stop in the Magnolia State.

From there it was on to G. N. Smith Elementary School in Jackson, MS where Principal Mathis Sheriff invited the author to share with the 4th grade students about what led her to writing and what encouragement she had for them in their own lives.

After a quick break, Shaw was on to Brandon, MS where she was welcomed at Visions Daycare by Ms. Bobbie Courtney. There the author once again shared the message of her books and Webb read her first book Mr. Browne's Roses to the kids.

The final stop of the day was at Appetizers Restaurant, a regular meeting place for Conversations Book Club. There members of the book club and patrons were able to meet the author and discuss what was next for her.

To find out more information about author M. Beatryce Shaw and her books, visit To keep in touch with Conversations Book Club, contact Cyrus Webb at or visit

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shadow Play Ent. Client Mary E. Gilder In April 2011's REDBOOK MAGAZINE

Congrats to Shadow Play Entertainment's own author Mary E. Gilder for her feature in Redbook Magazine. Click on the article below to enlarge.

Find out more information about Mary and her book by visit

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

(March 23, 2011) Reality TV Star Bigg Marv Inspires Kids At Boys and Girls Club

(March 23, 2011) For Bigg Marv, co-star of the hit reality show HAMMERTIME on A&E, celebrity is about more than just personal recognition. That is why he believes strongly in giving back to the community and trying to make a difference.

On Wednesday, March 23, 2011 he will be one of the speakers at the ribbon cutting ceremony of the "Taco Bell Graduate To Go" recording studio event that is hosted by the Taco Bell Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club of Oakland, California. His message? Always go for your dreams.

"This is an opportunity for me to share my own experiences with the Boys and Girls Club," says Bigg Marv. "They are an organization committed to giving young people an opportunity to be their best everyday. That is exactly what I learned from it, and I hope something I say will let the young people know how fortunate they are to have it in their lives."

To accomplish its purpose, Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland (BGCO) provides programs and services tailored to the special needs of today’s youth and supplementary to the endeavors of families, the Oakland schools, and other community – based organizations. The event begins at 3:00p.m. pacific time. The location is 3300 High Street, Oakland, CA. 94619.

For more information about the work of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Oakland, contact Dawn Duplessis, VP of Advancement, at 1-510-444-8211 ext. 16. To contact Bigg Marv, email Cyrus Webb at or call 601.896.5616. You can also follow him on twitter at or visit

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Actor/Author/Recording Artist Tray Chaney in the April 2011 Issue of Sister 2 Sister Magazine

Congrats to Tray Chaney for his feature in the April 2011 issue of Conversations Magazine. See the article below but pick up your personal copy in stores now!

Monday, March 21, 2011

(March 25-26, 2011) Mississippi Welcomes Author M. Beatryce Shaw

(March 25-26, 2011) Conversations Book Club and its partners welcome children's book author M. Beatryce Shaw to Mississippi. She will be signing her books MR. BROWNE'S ROSES and MR. BROWNE AND THE ROSE SHOW which deal with early childhood color awareness and dealing with individuals with disabilities.

"We are excited about Beatryce being with us," says Cyrus Webb, President of Conversations Book Club. "Her books give our children and us adults messages that we have to deal with on a daily basis."

Below is her public schedule:

FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 2011
* 1-3p.m., Pearl Public Library (2416 Old Brandon Road * Pearl, MS)
* 4-6p.m., Appetizers Restaurant (3000 Hwy 80 E * Pearl, MS)

* 9:30-11a.m., Breakfast with Books (Subway Restaurant * 112 Service Drive * Brandon, MS)
* 1-3p.m., Pearl Public Library (2416 Old Brandon Road * Pearl, MS)
* 6-7:30p.m., Appetizers Restaurant (3000 Hwy 80 E * Pearl, MS)

For more information about Shaw and her books, visit To find out more information about the schedule and Conversations Book Club, contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616. You can also visit

Monday, March 14, 2011

Entrepreneur Tray Chaney, The "Entertainment Renaissance Man", In Sister 2 Sister Magazine

He acts (HBO's The Wire), writes (autobiography THE TRUTH YOU CAN'T BETRAY),raps (mixtape JACK OF ALL TRAYS and album coming soon) and along the way inspires, but as Sister 2 Sister Magazine says in their April 2011 issue, Tray Chaney is "working to become an Entertainment Renaissance man"---and that is just the beginning.

"I'm at a really good place in my life," says Chaney as he reflects on the feature in the national magazine in stores worldwide now. "I have everything I could ever want going for me right now, and the success in my career is truly icing on the cake."

The actor/author/recording artist is sharing page 73 of the magazine with the love of his life: his son. "All of this is really for him," says Chaney. "I am glad that he can be a part of what is going on right now. He sees what I am doing, and I let him know that all of this is because of my love for him."

Chaney is sharing that love with others as well by giving back whenever he can. He remains the national spokesperson for The Write Stuff literacy campaign and its Take Time To Read initiative, and he is often seen visiting schools and sharing the message of pursuing your dreams.

"It's important that I use celebrity to achieve something good," says Chaney. "That's the only way that it really has meaning. You can't keep it all to yourself, and you have to let the young people out there know that good things can come their way if they work hard and believe in themselves."

In the Sister 2 Sister feature he also talks about his big screen role in the movie Streetz due out in April 2011. What's next? "The skies is the limit," says Chaney. "I'm not stopping. In fact, I'm just really getting started."

To stay abreast of what's going on with Tray Chaney, visit his blog at

Friday, January 7, 2011

CBC Report: Author Jackie Carpenter's Visit To MS (Day One)

(Friday, January 7, 2011) Shadow Play Entertainment and Conversations Book Club welcomed Jackie Carpenter, author of THE BRIDGE, to Mississippi on Friday, January 7, 2011 to begin her two day promotion of the book and how her faith helped guide her through a dark chapter of her life.

Hosted by Conversations' President Cyrus Webb and co-sponsored by Stanley Clark of For The People Productions, the day began at Medgar Evers Library in South Jackson. There Carpenter shared snippets of her life story and how the inspiration for the book came about.

Those in attendance listened intently as she explained that it was never her intention to become an author, but God had other plans.
Before leaving the library, she also donated a copy of her book to them so it can be shared with the patrons.

While in Jackson, Webb and Carpenter stopped by Clear Channel's radio offices to drop off a copy of the book for Nikki Dulaney of Hallelujah 95.5 FM for consideration for her book club selections.

From there, the group was on its way to Pearl, MS where Webb introduced Carpenter to some of the staff at the Pearl Public Library, and she donated copies of her book THE BRIDGE to them for use by their patrons.

As it would be, Conversations Book Club supporter and evangelist Diane Johnston was also present at the library, and was able to get a copy of Carpenter's book as well!

Next stop was Milestone Christian Bookstore where Carpenter was able to talk with management about her book and even laid the groundwork for a future signing at the stop when she returns to Mississippi!

The final stop of the day was at DSI, the renal center where Webb's grandmother is on dialysis. Several nurses from the Mississippi State Hospital had expressed interest to Webb about their love of books, and he was able to introduce them to the visiting author, share her book and the message she hopes they get from it.

The overall message that Jackie Carpenter shared was this: "I had to go through the test in order to have a testimony, and I had to endure the mess so I could have a message." What an incredible way to look at tests and trials that we all go through!

Find out more about Jackie Carpenter and her inspiring book at Shadow Play Entertainment and For The People Productions thanks the author, her family and everyone who shared the day with them. Day Two will include events in Brandon and Pearl, Mississippi. Details can be found at

Monday, January 3, 2011

(Jan. 7-8, 2011) Mississippi Welcomes Author Jackie Carpenter

Conversations Book Club welcomes Jackie Carpenter, author of THE BRIDGE, to Mississippi in events scheduled for January 7th and 8th.

* 9:30-10:30a.m., "Breakfast with Books" @ Medgar Evers Library * Jackson, MS
* 1-3p.m., Meet & Greet @ Margaret Walker Alexander Library * 2525 Robinson Rd * Jackson, MS
* 6-7p.m., Meet & Greet/Signing @ Appetizers Restaurant * 3000 Hwy 80E * Pearl, MS

* 9:30-11a.m., "Breakfast with Books" @ Subway Crossgates * Service Drive * Brandon, MS
* 1-3p.m., Booksigning @ Pearl Public Library * 2416 Old Brandon Rd * Pearl, MS
* 6-7:30p.m., Meet & Greet/Signing @ Appetizers Restaurant * 3000 Hwy 80 E* Pearl,MS

All events are free and open to the public and are part of Conversations' year-long mission of encouraging reading during 2011.

Additional information about the book and the author can be found at For more information contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616. Additional information can also be found at

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A NEW BEGINNING: Conversations' 2011 Book of the Year

(Sat., January 1, 2011) Shadow Play Entertainment and its subsidiaries are pleased to announce their choice for Book of the Year for 2011 is A NEW BEGINNING by Alfred Langer.

"It was an obvious choice for us this year," says Cyrus Webb, President of Shadow Play Entertainment and Conversations Book Club. "Our theme for 2011 was "A Year Of New Beginnings". We want people to look at themselves, evaluate their circumstances and look at their past as a catalyst to do more in the future. Today is a new day, and everyday we are alive is a chance for a new beginning. With that in mind, Langer's book chronicles just that message and should give all of us hope for the future."

The readers of A New Beginning will experience a remarkable journey. Through the heart, mind and eyes of a young Alfred Langer they will have a new comprehension and understanding of the horrors of war, sense the tragedy of homelessness, and appreciate the reality of losing everything they own. But through the massive heartbreak and callous misfortune they will also be exposed to and learn unforgettable lessons of family values and uncompromising faith.

As reader Katy Chilcoat, in Columbus, Ohio recently observed, “A New Beginning is a powerful example of survival and overcoming rejection and seemingly insurmountable odds in order to achieve the American dream. Mr. Langer’s persistence and determination are not only extremely inspirational, but a study in personal responsibility. This is an important book, laced with stirring and touching motivation, which should be read by everyone.”

(Webb seen here with Conversations' Book of the Year, A New Beginning) Alfred told Shadow Play Entertainment that he was extremely pleased and enormously honored to have A New Beginning chosen as the Book of the Year. Many of his readers have expressed their thanks for his literary efforts and indicated that this is a book, which will touch your heart and stay in your mind long after reading the final chapter.

To celebrate the choice, Langer's book will be featured on all of Shadow Play Entertainment's main webpages. To find out more about Langer and the book, visit

Listen to the author's interview with Cyrus Webb on Conversations LIVE Radio here.