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  • Michael F. Blake, author
  • Darnell "Superchef" Ferguson
  • M. Beatryce Shaw, author/speaker
  • Bigg Marv, Label Consultant
  • Nebo Publishing
  • Samara Alexander, author
  • Cherie Johnson,actress/director/author
  • Bonnie Barnett, author
  • Tray Chaney, actor/author/recording artist
  • Yorli Huff, author/community activist
  • Bruce Tretter, Resident Chef
  • Herschel Dixon, Sports Analyst
  • Joseph Henderson, author
  • Mr. Mean Mug, author
  • Mary E. Gilder, author/speaker/talk show host
  • Carlos Spann, Video Photographer/Editor
  • Gail Ambeau, Artist/Fashion Designer/Stylist
Past clients of Shadow Play Entertainment include recording artist/author Corey "C-Murder Miller", recording artist Jack Squad, author Kia Stokes, author V. Lovell Brigham, model/actor Derrick Hargrove, recording artist Kut Supreme, author Pamela Samuels-Young, author Patricia A. Thomas, author T. C. Alexander, authors Rita B. Davis, Andre Johnson, Gary Kaschak, Steve Hyppolite, author Sherry Hill, author Anthony Littlefield, Jeanelle Lanham and others.

Shadow Play Entertainment also secured exclusive interviews with reality show contestants from VH1's I Want To Work For Diddy Season One and MTV's 50 CENT: The Money & The Power.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Allegations Surrounding Popular Bishop Spark Dialogue About Homosexuality And The Church

With sexual allegations being made against Bishop Eddie Long by members of his own congregation, a new debate and dialogue is being given a voice concerning homosexuality in the Christian Church.

In light of the scandal that has erupted, abuse survivors and authors Larry "DaPharoah69" Wilson and Jonathan Spikes,both of Miami, FL, have released statements about their own experiences and what they hope will come out of the firestorm.

"As a bestselling author who has been statutory raped by two of my pastors when I was a teenager and never spoke out on it (till recently), I am deeply saddened. I won't degrade Pastor Eddie Long, for I don't know the entire story. I've been on both sides of abuse being a four year survivor of childhood rape, and survivng fals allegations against myself 14 years ago when I was 19. So I sympathize with both Eddie Long and the accusers. I do know opportunists are out there waiting to pounce on someone's fame for notoriety. But if it is true, then this reverberates how I felt when a pastor from a church I attended when I was 14 raped me and got up in the pews the very next Sunday damning all homosexuals to hell, looking me deeply in the eyes. I didn't feel I was worth anything. Its hard for anyone to actually come forward and admit someone did something to them, especially of a sexual nature. I feel that if you are a leader or a pastor leading a congregation, though you aren't perfect and you are without sin, you should monitor your actions and hold yourself at a high regard because those who you influence are also your fans, followers and supporters. Negativity befalls them as well when you participate in hidden agendas.

"This should be a wake up call to Pastors everywhere. Instead of bashing homosexuality more than you bash adulterers, murderers and men with more than one woman, pastors should show more understanding and humility towards his fellow man and woman. And with this understanding stereotypes and prejudices will be alleviated, and the church and a people can start to heal through charity." --- Bestselling author Dapharoah69, The King of Erotica

"The Minister Long allegations brings up the perfect opportunity for the church to finally address the issues of homosexuality. I feel the rejection of homosexuality is the norm in most churches. I know it was in the church that I once belonged to.

"From the pulpit, the pastor preached that homosexuality was contrary to God's word. "God ain't make man to sleep with man. How can you love God and indulge in homosexual sin?" I felt guilty. It made me feel that something was wrong with me. I prayed and prayed that God would take away my feelings toward men. I would lay on the floor and cry and plead with God. However, those feelings still remained. I hated myself. I felt as if I was going to burn in Hell.

"I desired to make it into Heaven so I constantly read my Bible, and I spoke in tongues, and I rebuked the Devil in Jesus̢۪ name, and I had declared spiritual warfare, and I had pleaded the blood of Jesus in order to keep my flesh free of homosexuality. But still, in the end, I was gay.

"I asked my preacher to pray with me. I just had to be free of the homosexual demon that plagued my life. He prayed and prayed. He even poured Olive Oil on the top of my head. He spoke in tongues. When he finished he told me that I was delivered. I jumped up and down and shouted for joy. I was delivered. After we prayed, my pastor urge me to find another church that deals with people like me because he don't tolerate those type of demons in his church.

"I questioned why homosexual sin was singled out by my pastor and my church congregation. But what about all of the other sins? I kept asking. Isn't sin--sin? If sin is sin, and no sin is greater than the other, why do churches reject homosexuality or make it appear that it is the ultimate sin? Pastor's commit adultery, fornication, theft, cast the first stone, and a whole slew of other things that is contrary to what the Bible teaches, but it seems to be accepted or not as sinful as homosexuality.

"Why tell me that I can be whatever I want to be, when being gay is not, and should never be a part of that whatever?" It's time for the church to answer this question, Why say that God loves you in-spite of, but then you reject me because of? It is time for some answers.

"I was molested as a child. It hurts when you put your trust in an authoritative figure, only for them to molest you. I never told anyone because of fear, guilt and shame. I did not want to get him in trouble. I felt like I caused it. I was so brain washed that I became attracted to all tall, dark skinned, muscular men because it reminded me of my abuser. Even as an adult, he still controlled my mind.

"I spent several years putting myself through psychological torture as I tried to hold on to the "secret." I acted out by participating in self destructive behavior. Through therapy, faith and writing my novel, I know what I AM and I AM NOT what you call ME!, I was finally able to let go of the pain and move forward with my life. I realized that it was my anger that gave him power over me, and it was my forgiveness that set me free. We can only move forward if we address the pain. Hopefully, the church is finally ready to address the pain." --- Jonathan Spikes, author of I KNOW WHAT I AM AND I AM NOT WHAT YOU CALL ME

Both DaPharoah69 and Jonathan Spikes are available for interviews and discussions to talk about their own triumphs over personal tragedies and how they have channeled their energy towards success and happiness. For more information, contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616. You can also visit

Monday, September 20, 2010

Shadow Play Entertainment Welcomes Author U.D. Abdul Kareem

When it comes to the importance of reading, U.D. Abdul Kareem knows firsthand it can mean the difference between success and failure. The 33 year old native of Kaara vilage in Nigeria currently lives in Bonny Island, Nigeria where he is in the Nigerian Navy. This year he is celebrating the release of his debut novel AFRICAN COWBOY. He talks with Cyrus Webb of Conversations Magazine about hs life, his love of reading and what he hopes his book does to inspire others.

(As a member of the Shadow Play Entertainment family, U.D. Abdul has also joined the TAKE TIME TO READ campaign. See details at

UD, you come from a large family. How many brothers and sisters do you have?
I am from a polygamous family of 35. My father married four wives and had 21 males and 14 females. I'm the ninth of eleven children of my mother. I had eight sisters and three brothers.

Looking at your country, what population of Nigeria do you believe can't read or write well?
According to the current census by UNICEF, the Nigerian population that can not read or write are 57.1%.

How important is reading to you?
Reading is the only secret in which you can know others' intention, motives, feelings and information. I always create time to read books, newspapers and magazines despite the schedule of my life. Some information is entertaining while other is educational. I love reading. I believe more of what I read than what I heard. If you want to know what happened years ago or how to do something that is difficult for you to understand, go through books.

What made you decide to write the book African Cowboy?
I decided to write African Cowboy to share my experience with the rest of the world, which illustrates nagative view of gender discrimination, the importance of education and the terrible effect of illiteracy, especially to the developing and under-developped countries where education is regarded less importance. It's not my autobiography, but it's a true life story.

What do you hope people get from your book?
I want people to understand that female or male children deserve equal rights. No one is better than the other. The major character of the story "Bappa" mistreated one of his daughters and eventually as life goes on, he came to look for a job from her to survive not knowing that she is his daughter. She saved his life while he was at the point of death. If you train a female child she can equally do even better than the males.

The second message that I want people to get from African Cowboy is to bear in mind that the sky is the limit to the educated person, while illiterate persons have very limited opportunities. Illiteracy kills talents, dreams and creates inferiority complex and restrict freedom of expression.

What do you think people in the United States and around the world can do to help address the problem of illiteracy?
You know, the must difficult aspect of success is the first step, because the first thing you'll encounter at the first move is a challenge. That is where a coward would back off. It is only the hero that can face the challenge and conquer. What I'm trying to say is that someone has already made a move to fight this terrible epidemic {illiteracy}not only in the United states but all over the world, and that is Cyrus Webb. Mr Cyrus has already paved the way to fight illiteracy all over the world. All what we need to do is to give him a maximum support.

Governments and other agences such as UNICEF and the rest, should work together to achieve one goal. Something urgent need to be done to tackle illiteracy in the world, especially in African countries. We that are privileged to be literate can not fold our arms seeing others suffering without any effort to rescue them. It's a collective war. Let everybody contribute in one way or the other. If you can rescue only one person from illiteracy God will definitely reward you for that.

Thank you for the compliment, U.D. and for taking out the time to talk with us. How can our readers find out more information about you and the book.
You can go to my Facebook page at!/profile.php?id=100000209190857. You can find out more about the book and get your copy here:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shadow Play Entertainment Welcomes Dr. Ed Slack

(Saturday, September 25, 2010) Shadow Play Entertainment, Conversations Book Club and its literary partners are pleased to welcome Dr. Ed Slack, author of TWO LEGGED SNAKES(Understanding and Handling Manipulative People).

"I was introduced to the author earlier this year," says Mississippi native Cyrus Webb,35. He is the President of Shadow Play Entertainment, Conversations Book Club and host of Conversations LIVE Radio. "Dr. Slack was a guest on our radio show not long ago, and from there we began making plans to work together in scheduling some events."

Slack will be in Mississippi for one day only promoting his book, talking about what led him to writing and what he hopes others get from his advice.

* 11-1p.m. --- Dr. Ed Slack will be at Pearl Public Library (2416 Old Brandon Road * Pearl, MS) meeting patrons and signing copies of his books.

* 2:30-4:30p.m. --- Dr. Slack will be the guest of honor at the Triangle Cultural Center (Ste. A, 332 Main St. * Yazoo City, MS). Specal guests include the Mayor of Yazoo City, City Council member Aubrey Brent, Coach Johnny Staples of Focus on the Children, Stanley Clark of For The People Productions and Cyrus Webb. Free food and music available as well as performances from area schools.

* 6-7:30p.m. --- Dr. Slack will be the guest of "Spoken Word Saturdays" at Appetizers Restaurant (3000 HWY 80 * Pearl, MS) reading from his book and signing copies. Admission is free and food specials are available.

Books will be available for purchasing at all events. To find out more about the author and the book, visit

For details about any of the events surrounding the visit, contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616. Details can also be found at

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Book Club President Pens Bio of Platinum-selling recording artist C-Mu rder

On Friday, August 14, 2009 Platinum-selling recording artist/bestselling author Corey "C-Murder" Miller was sentenced to life without parole after being found guilty of murder earlier in the week. This is the second time that Miller, who maintains his innocence, has been convicted of this crime; however, over the past few years he has begun a dialogue through his work that is not going to be stopped in his absence. Part of the movement to keep Miller's positive influence on the world alive will be led by Cyrus Webb, President of Shadow Play Entertainment/Conversations Book Club and the host of Conversations LIVE! Radio.
"Cee has managed to do something that few in Hip Hop have accomplished," says Webb,35. "He made it cool to read and to believe that no matter what you have done in your life, it's never too late for you to make a difference."

One year after Platinum-selling recording artist Corey "C-Murder" Miller was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison Webb began writing about the rapper's life. What was supposed to originally be a series of articles for his online magazine about the person he knew C-Murder to be has grown to a point where he has decided to turn it into a book.

"I think it's really unfortunate what has happened to Cee since the trial and conviction," he says. Webb originally met the rapper in 2006 and was able to work with him on a literacy project, even starting a book club together in New Orleans. In 2008 the two hosted a weekly radio show called TRU Conversations and participated in online chats with young people to encourage them to do their best and discuss the choices they made. Cee and Webb last corresponded in early 2009. (Listen to Webb's radio interview with Miller here: Here is a radio interview done to mark the event. )

"There is so much more to him than what has been written about on blogs, turned into jokes about his name and even what it is alleged that he did," says Webb. "He admits he was no saint, but everyone deserves to have their story told. That is what I want to do: give a fair portrait of the man so many only knew through his music and his name." In March 2010 Cyrus started talking with people who had either interviewed or knew Cee, fans impacted by his music and even those impacted by his work in the community to help young people.

"In April 2009 Cee held a press conference addressing the issue of senseless violence," says Webb. "In a statement read at the event, he said this: 'I stand before you today a new man that's ready, willing, able to do everything in my power to bring an end to these senseless murders. Get it right, this movement is not about Corey Miller, or anything other person. It's about our kids, our future, and our safety.'  "That is why I feel like it would be a great disservice to New Orleans and the world to not let things like this be known," says Webb.

The book will cover Cee's life growing up in New Orleans, the events that would shape his music, the rise of No Limit Records, the controversies that caused headlines, his relationship with his family, the music he produced that changed lives and his new venture into publishing. Webb saw firsthand the impact Cee made not only on publishing with his debut novel DEATH AROUND THE CORNER (published by Kensington Publishing), but the way he was able to bring new people to books.

"The man sold tens of thousands of copies of his book just through Myspace," says Webb. He was so impressed with what C-Murder did with his book that in 2007 he wrote the judge on his case and asked that he be allowed to visit Mississippi to promote it. Though Cee was on house arrest, the request was granted and over 200 books were sold in just the two-day visit, making headlines nationwide. In 2008 Webb was also brought on as the tour coordinator for rapper Jacki-O when her book GROWN & GANGSTA was published by TRU Publishing, becoming its first release.

No release date has been set, however the tentative title is 'C-MURDER: A TRU Soldier's Journey.' Webb hopes to wrap up the writing of the book in November 2010 and is now reaching out to C-Murder's family to see if they want to be a part of the project. This includes famous brothers Master P and Silkk the Shocker who were a part of the No Limit clique. "It would be nice to have their support and blessing on the project," says Webb, "but it is an unauthorized biography. Regardless of whether I am able to speak with them or not, the project will go forth. I feel as though I owe that to Cee and his fans."

Cyrus Webb has been involved in the arts since 1999 and has worked in promoting literacy and the importance of education. Webb began hosting the radio show Conversations LIVE in July 2003 and has interviewed some of the biggest names in entertainment as well as rising stars. His co-ed book club Conversations Book Club began in November 2006 and has been nationally recognized for its commitment to promoting reading and conversations about important issues. As President of the PR firm Shadow Play Entertainment, Webb also represents over a dozen authors and public figures including actor/author/recording artist Tray Chaney (Poot from HBO's The Wire), Bigg Marv (cousin of M. C. Hammer and co-star of A&E's HAMMERTIME), recording artist/author Jacki-O and actress/producer/author Cherie Johnson (Punky Brewster/Family Matters).

Those who want to be interviewed for the project can contact Cyrus Webb to do so. To stay updated on the project, visit Cyrus Webb can be reached at or 601.896.5616.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

(Sat. Sept. 11, 2010) Authors Samara Alexander and Joseph Henderson talk being Muslim on WEXY 1520

On Saturday, September 11,2010---nine years after the terrorist attacks on the United States--- authors Samara Alexander (When The Veil Drops) and Joseph Henderson (I Don't Want To Die All Alone) talk to Niki V on WEXY 1520 in South Florida about the controversy about the proposed mosque in New York and the threat of Koran burning in Florida.

Listen to the podcast here:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shadow Play Welcomes Actress/Entreprenuer Cherie Johnson To The Family

With all of the advancements that the United States has made over the years, illiteracy is one plague that seems to be growing, not shrinking. To help bring more attention to the importance of books and education, Shadow Play Entertainment, The Write Stuff Literacy Campaign and Conversations Book Club are excited to announce its new initiative TAKE TIME TO READ.

"It's all about making people feel okay about reading," says Cyrus Webb, a 35 year old Mississippi native and founder of the new program. "There are many reading projects out there that are doing alot of good, but some young people especially need to know that those they look up to believe that reading is important."

To that end, Webb went out soliciting the help of those in the music industry and other levels of entertainment, getting their thoughts on the importance of reading. Because of that, celebrities and those in the literary community are teaming together to urge the world to 'do it 15 minutes a day', encouraging others to take time every day to read. Thus far dozens of influentials and up-and-coming stars in the music industry and entertainment arena have signed on along with those who are interested in making a difference. Shadow Play Entertainment was pleased that actress, author and overall creative heavyweight Cherie Johnson (known for her roles in shows such as Punky Brewster, Family Matter, The Parkers and Days of our Lives) came on board the project as national spokesperson.

"Having Cherie out front is a real asset," says Webb. "Not only does she have the name recognition that will spark interest, she is also an author with her first book Around The World Twice just being released. She's already on the road promoting her novel, so the timing was just right for her to be able to speak about the literacy campaign as well." Johnson is also a client of Shadow Play Entertainment.

Realizing this is a global problem, Webb also reached out to his friends around the world to join the cause, and is looking for other international partners to help spread the message. Individuals like United Kingdom Filmmaker Tom Sands and Nigerian Author UD Abdul Kareem have already joined the coalition and have made videos expressing their support. (TAKE TIME TO READ is Webb's third literary program, with the Hip Hop and Books literacy campaign and The Write Stuff literacy campaign still in effect.)

All of this is a part of the lead up to the 2nd Annual National Day of Reading on Sat. November 20, 2010. On that day Webb hopes to get just five people in each state to take at least one hour and spend it either reading together or discussing a book together.

Details about the TAKE TIME TO READ initiative and the pledge that the public can sign to show their support can be found at . To join the growing coalition, contact Cyrus Webb at or contact him at 601.896.5616. Details about Webb's other projects can be found at