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  • Michael F. Blake, author
  • Darnell "Superchef" Ferguson
  • M. Beatryce Shaw, author/speaker
  • Bigg Marv, Label Consultant
  • Nebo Publishing
  • Samara Alexander, author
  • Cherie Johnson,actress/director/author
  • Bonnie Barnett, author
  • Tray Chaney, actor/author/recording artist
  • Yorli Huff, author/community activist
  • Bruce Tretter, Resident Chef
  • Herschel Dixon, Sports Analyst
  • Joseph Henderson, author
  • Mr. Mean Mug, author
  • Mary E. Gilder, author/speaker/talk show host
  • Carlos Spann, Video Photographer/Editor
  • Gail Ambeau, Artist/Fashion Designer/Stylist
Past clients of Shadow Play Entertainment include recording artist/author Corey "C-Murder Miller", recording artist Jack Squad, author Kia Stokes, author V. Lovell Brigham, model/actor Derrick Hargrove, recording artist Kut Supreme, author Pamela Samuels-Young, author Patricia A. Thomas, author T. C. Alexander, authors Rita B. Davis, Andre Johnson, Gary Kaschak, Steve Hyppolite, author Sherry Hill, author Anthony Littlefield, Jeanelle Lanham and others.

Shadow Play Entertainment also secured exclusive interviews with reality show contestants from VH1's I Want To Work For Diddy Season One and MTV's 50 CENT: The Money & The Power.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tray Chaney Shows Heart, Gives Hope In "Dear Haiti"

For over a decade, Tray Chaney has found success in his life as an accomplished actor (known for his character Poot on the HBO series The Wire), author ("The Truth You Can't BeTray") and most recently as a recording artist. He has learned firsthand the importance of believing in yourself and helping others as a way to find happiness, however, it only takes a tragedy like what occurred in Haiti earlier this month to put life in perspective. Feeling helpless, Chaney decided to respond to the disaster and the hopes of the people of Haiti in the only way he knew how. While in the studio, he penned a track simply entitled "Dear Haiti" to showcase the resilience of their country and those who are helping to reshape it.

Not wanting to profit off the situation but offer some type of hope, Tray is making the song available for free download.

Those who know him are not surprised by this gesture. In 2009, Chaney joined the organization The Write Stuff Literacy Campaign and became their National Spokesperson, taking the lead in promoting the importance of reading. In 2010, he--- along with Rapper/author Jacki-O---was named an Ambassador for the non-profit organization Community Options, which provides assistance to those with special needs.

It is his hope that those who hear the song "Dear Haiti" will think of ways they can help those around them that are less fortunate and remember to make the most out of every day they are given.

For more information about the projects Tray Chaney is involved in, contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Jacki-O and Tray Chaney Use Their Celebrity To Help Those With Special Needs

Shadow Play Entertainment is pleased to announce that recording artist/author Jacki-O and recording artist/author/actor Tray Chaney have been named Ambassadors for Community Options, Inc.

Community Options is a national nonprofit organization that has been developing small, community-based homes and employment supports for people with disabilities for over twenty years. The organization operates in 32 cities across 9 states including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas and New Mexico.

When Jacki-O and Tray heard about the good the organization was doing, they were excited to use their celebrity to bring attention to the cause.

"As a mother myself," says Jacki-O, "I know how precious the lives of all children are. For that reason, it is my belief that any organization that provides assistance for those with disabilities---regardless of their age---is one that we need to support. Community Options is such an organization."

Also a parent, Tray agrees. "At a time when all of us are in need of something, it is easy to forget that there are those who face daily challenges that we take for granted. Organizations like Community Options remind us that those who have must give to those who don't. It is our responsibility as Americans." Chaney is also the National Spokesperson for The Write Stuff, an organization taking the lead in promoting reading across the world.

When talking about the organization, President and CEO Robert Stack says this: "Community Options will create new waves for persons with disabilities in this new decade in the twenty first century. Community Options is a wave maker. In this decade, the public will equate our non-profit as the symbol of freedom and dignity for people with disabilities."

Look for Jacki-O and Tray Chaney to be featured as part of Community Options' national campaign and promotional material. To find out more about the organization, visit or their blog at

To schedule interviews with either Jacki or Tray, contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Conversation With Author Anthony Littlefield

We all have a past, whether we are aware of it or not. Some make the decision not to pursue knowing about it, but others make it a goal or a pursuit to find out all that they can. Author Anthony Littlefield chose the latter. He chronicles his journey and those with him in the book BITTERSWEET JOURNEY. He talks with Cyrus Webb about the experience, the hard work that goes into marketing and promoting a book and his advice for aspiring writers.

Anthony, thanks for taking out the time to talk with us. Before we get into your book BITTERSWEET JOURNEY, why don't you tell us a little about yourself.
I was born in Los Angeles, California in 1954. My father is from Columbus and my mother is from Jackson, MS. Unfortunately, my parents were divorced when I was five years old. After my parent's divorce, my younger brother Ron and I were sent to live with my father's mother, Juanita in Columbus. I attended Columbus public schools and attended classes at Franklin University. During my formative years I developed a passion for history, especially, black history here in America. I just completed my 37th year with my employer. Thankfully, with the publishing of Bittersweet Journey, I'm at the beginning of a second career.

If I had grown up with you, would your journey to being a published author be a surprised to me?
Yes, by that I mean I never really talked about becoming a writer or even thought that I had a talent for writing, especially since English was one of my more difficult subjects in school.

When did you know that you had a book that you felt like needed to be written?
When we first began our journey of discovery, my intention was to keep a small journal. But after our first initial visit to Black Mountain, it occurred to me that we had a fascinating story about our family and the incredibly beautiful land they called home. I think this was because we knew so little about our family that every discovery of relatives and the events surrounding their lives meant more and more to us.

Tony, your book BITTERSWEET JOURNEY is about your trek to find out more about your family, but it is about a journey to better know you as well. What was the most surprising element that came from the journey for you?
If I had to pick one thing it would be that I learned how much my family's past really has meant to me personally. Learning how some of them adapted to life after slavery and becoming prosperous and leaders of their communities despite incredible odds. That has sustained many times when I ran into 'brick walls' along the way, keeping me going when there were times when it became difficult or I wanted to quit. Whenever those situations arose, I thought of the obstacles my ancestors overcame. And my journey has given me an opportunity to see up close and personal how race relations still matter in how we sometimes see each other.

You really made it a family affair. Do you think it would have meant as much if you didn't have them with you along the way?
I can't even imagine traveling down this road alone. Having various family members with me along the way at different times has brought us closer together as a family with our experiences as we have struggles to put the pieces together of our history. The relationship that I have appreciated the most is my relationship with my father. I hope that readers see a lot of the story through his eyes based on his life's experiences as a black man in a world that has changed for the better over a period of time.

For individuals who believe the past should be left in the past, why would you tell them that maybe they should rethink that ideal?
I think it goes without saying that "to know where you are going you have to know you have been." So much of who and what we are today is a result of our shared past. I can understand why some do not want to remember the mistakes and hurt of the past. But I think we owe it to our ancestors to remember them for what they overcame to make life better for us today. I believe that we can draw strength from the triumphs of the past.

Putting on your marketing hat for a moment, Anthony, did it surprise you as to how much work it took to let others know about your book?
Not really. With thousand of books on the market at any given time, I knew getting my story out would be a monumental challenge-and it has been just that. Working with a small ad budget, and this being a first-time experience for me, identifying and reaching the audience I wish to has been difficult. Thankfully, with the explosion of the internet I have the ability to reach out to readers around the world.

You and I spoke recently, and you told me that some have wondered aloud who outside your family would be interested in your journey. Tell us about that conversation and what happened to you that let you know that others were benefiting.
Several months ago I had the good fortune of being contacted by family members in the South that I was unaware of, but they knew about my book. We began sharing information, and I was later told that another relative had recently published a 'picture book' about another branch of the family tree, with the intentions of distributing her book to family members only. Her reasoning for family only was that she felt that the general public would not be interested in reading or seeing our family history. I took the opposite approach because I knew that millions of people around the world are devoted to preserving cultural and family history. I think that nothing garners attention more than literature about country, home and family, and that is what Bittersweet Journey is about, country, home and family. Whenever I'm contacted by perfect strangers who are either intrigued by the subject matter, or have read the book and found my story a great read and inspirational, I'm simply thrilled.

Anthony, for those who might be aspiring writers out there, and are wanting to make 2010 the year they get something done, what advice would you give them?
My advice to potential writers is that every book begins with the first page. You haven't done anything until you actually write the first words. And when contemplating what to write about, keep in mind, does the story have a hook, and is it worth a book? Look for a writer's group in your city, sharing your thoughts with others pursuing the same goals as you is invaluable.

Thanks again for your time, Anthony. If our readers want to find out more information about you, where can they find you online?The pleasure has been mine. Readers can learn more about me at my website,

Rapper/Author Jacki-O Prepares To Show She's "Relentless"

In 2010, Shadow Play Entertainment is using the slogan "READ to WIN in 2010" to hightlight its commitment to promote literacy in the new year. As part of that mission, it is pleased to announce that its lead publicist Cyrus A. Webb (aka C. A. Webb) will once again be working with the Madam of Miami, Recording artist/Author Jacki-O.

In 2008 Webb coordinated the southern tour for Jacki-O's debut novel GROWN & GANGSTA, published by Platinum-selling recording artist/bestselling author Corey "C-Murder" Miller's company TRU PUBLISHING.
Now the two are back together, promoting the importance of reading and preparing the world for Jacki-O's second book RELENTLESS.

"Those who have followed the career of Jacki-O know that she has alot to say," says Webb, 34.
"RELENTLESS is part one of Jacki telling her own story. No fiction here. This is her truth as she has lived it. Readers will learn about what drew her to pursue music in the first place, her ups and downs in the business as well as the controntations she has had to deal with in order to earn her respect and get where she is."

RELENTLESS will also take you into the true story of her departure from the record company that began her career, what really led to her highly publicized beefs and where she is headed now as an artist and businesswoman.

Webb also says that the Madam of Miami will also be sharing tips for those trying to break into the business, using her own life as a guide.
Look for details to be released soon through Jacki-O's official Myspace or through Shadow Play Entertainment. To schedule interviews or appearances, contact Cyrus A. Webb at or 601.896.5616.

KUT SUPREME: Using 'TRIAL and ERROR' To Make His Mark In '10

He is known to many as the Son-In-Law of Hip Hop Legend Ice-T, but at a time where the relatives of celebrities count on their famous connections to get by in life, 30-year old recording artist/producer Kut Supreme wants his own talent as an emcee and artist to speak for itself.

As far back as 2005, Kut Supreme could be found performing in clubs across Kentucky. He's been featured on two compilation albums (GOT IT BOYZ, THE BLAK CODES ENTERTAINMENT CHAPTER 1 and THE UNDERGROUND EVOLUTION PAGE 1) and has had the pleasure of performing with artists not only in Mississippi and Kentucky but in Alabama and Georgia as well.

One-half of the group The Blak Circle, Kut Supreme is also a solo artist that is hoping to make 2010 his with the release of his album TRIAL & ERROR.
"Music has always been a part of my life, and now I am able to make a name for myself on my own terms."

TRIAL & ERROR is a lyrical journal of the young artist's life. Seen as his most personal work to date, listeners will get a glimpse at a man that is just beginning to let others in.

"When I get in the booth or on stage I am telling the story of my life, or our life," says Kut. "I rap about the experiences I have seen, but I also like to give the people fun music they can ride to, dance to or just chill to." Feel-good tracks like High Roller are just part of the diversity the new project brings.

"I'm just ready to take this music game and my career to the next level," says Kut. "I've put in work over the years, and it's beginning to pay off for me big time. I'm ready for it all."

Other than promoting himself as an artist, Kut is also involved promoting the importance of reading through a project called HIP HOP & BOOKS (see "When I heard about the "Hiphop & Books" project, I knew I had to be a part of it," Kut explained. "I want people that enjoy my music and that of other Hip Hop artists to know that we are more than just entertainers. We are intelligent human beings as well. Education is important, and reading opens the mind. Anything dealing with helping others help themselves is a good thing."

To find out more about Kut Supreme and TRIAL & ERROR, visit Contact Cyrus Webb for interviews or bookings at or 601.896.5616