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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shadow Play Entertainment Welcomes Darnell "Superchef" Ferguson

Darnell Ferguson is a 24 year old Executive Chef and full time daddy from Columbus, Ohio. He first got into cooking professionally his junior year of high school while attending North East Career Center, majoring in culinary arts. Upon his graduation he was recruited by one of the top 3 culinary institutes in the nation, Sullivan University, where he stood out immensely. Darnell graduated with the mindset that he would leave a mark in the cooking game.

His experiences range from being part of the first students ever chosen by the U.S.A. to participate in their countries olympics as chefs. In 2008 he had the blessing of living in China and being a chef for the U.S.A. teams, sponsors and delegations, including personally(as a team) cooking for the former president of the United States, and other celebrities. He has also worked at the #1 hotel in America (2009-2010), and other top restaurants and big events.

Throughout everything he has done he always knew he wanted to be a personal chef, so he came up with a way to be a personal chef for millions when he created his website On this site he gives online cooking lessons and recipes through demo’s. He is currently in the midst of relaunching the site the second week of November 2011. Changes include making it easier for viewers to watch the videos faster and to be able to get cooking lessons simpler. So far, has been Darnell’s trademark and we feel it always will be, but he is currently in the process of starting up his own breakfast restaurant which will be called “Brain Foods”. It will be a health driven breakfast restaurant which highlights energetic foods and healthy alternatives that he has created that taste amazing!! Brain Foods first location will be in Louisville, KY, because of the geological needs, but within a year and a half he plans to have one in his hometown, Columbus.

While he constantly keeps his plate full, he is always looking to partner up with motivated young people. He and a college roommate have recently started a childerns daycare catering service, which ensures that kids will eat like KINGS.

Behind his success he first acknowledges God, then family and friends. Unlike some entrepreneurs, his family has never doubted one of his career decisions and his friends, for example JONATHAN SMITH (also part of cookingin10), have always supported and never doubted Darnell’s success, even though many have.