Shadow Play Ent.'s Current Client Listing (Details available upon request)

  • Michael F. Blake, author
  • Darnell "Superchef" Ferguson
  • M. Beatryce Shaw, author/speaker
  • Bigg Marv, Label Consultant
  • Nebo Publishing
  • Samara Alexander, author
  • Cherie Johnson,actress/director/author
  • Bonnie Barnett, author
  • Tray Chaney, actor/author/recording artist
  • Yorli Huff, author/community activist
  • Bruce Tretter, Resident Chef
  • Herschel Dixon, Sports Analyst
  • Joseph Henderson, author
  • Mr. Mean Mug, author
  • Mary E. Gilder, author/speaker/talk show host
  • Carlos Spann, Video Photographer/Editor
  • Gail Ambeau, Artist/Fashion Designer/Stylist
Past clients of Shadow Play Entertainment include recording artist/author Corey "C-Murder Miller", recording artist Jack Squad, author Kia Stokes, author V. Lovell Brigham, model/actor Derrick Hargrove, recording artist Kut Supreme, author Pamela Samuels-Young, author Patricia A. Thomas, author T. C. Alexander, authors Rita B. Davis, Andre Johnson, Gary Kaschak, Steve Hyppolite, author Sherry Hill, author Anthony Littlefield, Jeanelle Lanham and others.

Shadow Play Entertainment also secured exclusive interviews with reality show contestants from VH1's I Want To Work For Diddy Season One and MTV's 50 CENT: The Money & The Power.

Monday, March 29, 2010

(Sat. April 3, 2010) Conversations Welcomes Mississippi author Rita B. Davis

(Saturday, April 3, 2010) Shadow Play Entertainment and Conversations Book Club are pleased to host Mississippi author Rita B. Davis at its meeting on Saturday, April 3, 2010. This will take place at Appetizers Restaurant (3000 HWY 80 E * Pearl, MS) beginning at 6p.m.

If Davis looks familiar, it's because she has been supporting meetings held by Conversations all year, however, during this event she will be talking about the pain of losing a child and how that led her to write the book OVERWHELMED about her experience and his life.

The book will be available for $15.00, however, the event is free and open to the public. Appetizers will be open for meal and drink orders.

For more information about this event, contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

(Fri. March 26, 2010) Author Herndon Davis' Visti To MS: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

(Note: Due to a personal emergency, author Herndon Davis had to cut short the Mississippi leg of his events. This means that events scheduled for St. March 27, 2010 are being rescheduled for a later date.)

Shadow Play Entertainment and Conversations Book Club wish to thank those who made author Herndon Davis' visit to Mississippi a success. Though the author is a native of Alabama and has been to Mississippi before, this was his first visit to promote his new book REPACKAGED COMMON SENSE.

Led by Conversations Book Club President Cyrus Webb and For The People Productions President Stanley Clark, the day began at Peeples Middle School in Jackson, Mississippi. Thanks to the support of teachers like Mrs. Jacqueline Bolden, Herndon shared his personal journey with the students and tried to instill in them the importance of writing and telling their own stories.

"If you don't tell your story, then someone else will," the author told them.

He went on to share points that he hoped they would take away from his book and his visit. "Remember that you are not what other people say you are," Herndon said. "Don't accept the stereotypes that others try to put on you."

After leaving Peeples, Webb took the author by the Medgar Evers Public Library, the place where Clark and him founded Conversations Book Club in November 2006. Davis was able to meet some of the staff of the library that was there when the book club started and even posed with the statue of the library's namesake, civil rights leader Medgar Evers.

From there it was on to Morrison Academic Center where Davis, Webb and Clark were warmly greeted at the door by Mrs. Sterling, the school principal.
An eager group of students and instructors listened to Davis as he shared more of his own experiences in business and his journey to success. "It's hard work," he told them when one student asked what it was like working for yourself, "but it's my passion."

One of the most important points he tried to drive home to the group was the importance of not being led by the past. He rolled up one of his sleeves and showed the group a scar on his arm. "I got this in a fight on a school bus," he told them. "I remember the incident, but it doesn't hurt anymore. That's what we have to do in life. We might remember things that happened, but they don't have to hurt us anymore. We are not victims."

Mr. Davis also shared with the group the importance of planning for the future, especially if college is their goal. "The work begins before you get to high school," he said. "You have to start preparing now, and working with your teachers is a part of that."

ABOUT REPACKAGED COMMON SENSE: Repackaged Common Sense is a 13 chapter, 200 page spiritual guide book for individuals seeking career and business success by utilizing spirituality tools and techniques. The book speaks directly to career minded people-of-faith from all beliefs as it is written through the lens of universal spirituality and metaphysical thinking.

The book's author created the guide based upon his nearly twenty year career in corporate finance, human resources and media/PR as both an employee and now as an independent business owner. He credits his success to embracing new age spiritual concepts which he lovingly coins as "repackaged common sense."

Find out more information about the author and his new book at

Friday, March 26, 2010

(Press Release) Cast Member From HBO's The Wire Talks Black Marriage

Cast Member From HBO's The Wire Talks Black Marriage

Tray Chaney featured in Black Marriage Day Documentary Premiere

Known as Poot Carr from the HBO series, The Wire, Tray Chaney sheds the well-known corner boy personae to join his wife Ayesha and seven other couples in Tyler New Media's documentary, YOU SAVED ME, an intimate look into the lives of eight married African-American couples.

"A project like this shows more of the real me," says Chaney. "A lot of times people try to make other actors and myself like the characters we bring to life. YOU SAVED ME gives you the Tray Chaney that my family and friends know when the cameras are off. That is the me that I hope others will draw encouragement from."

This Sunday, March 28th, Chaney will join Black Marriage Day founder Nisa Muhammad and film creators and Essence bloggers Lamar and Ronnie Tyler as they host the DC area red carpet premiere of the film that debuts in 28 cities nationwide this weekend as part of the national Black Marriage Day celebration.

A follow up to Tyler New Media's 2009 best selling documentary, HAPPILY EVER AFTER: A Positive Image of Black Marriage, YOU SAVED ME explores marriage's trials, changes, successes, and ultimately the individual healing that comes out of true love and commitment.

Motivated by the sobering statistics surrounding high divorce and low marriage rates in the Black community, Muhammad, who was featured on CNN's Black in America 2 , and Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, authors of the award winning blog Black and Married with Kids, have joined forces through the premiere designed to counter pervasive negative views of Black marriage in society. A panel discussion follows the event. YOU SAVED ME will be released on DVD at Monday, March 29th.

WHEN: Sunday, March 28 2010
Press Arrivals: 2 p.m.; Film creators, Black Marriage Day Founder and featured couples available for interviews.
Red Carpet: 2:30 p.m.
Film Screening: 3 p.m.

WHERE: Publick Playhouse 5445 Landover Rd Cheverly , MD 20784

Official Trailer:

This program is co-sponsored by M-NCPPC's Department of Parks and Recreation, Prince George's County. For ticket information visit or call 301-343-1828.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

(Fri. March 26, 2010) News From Shadow Play Entertainment

Since it was formed in 1999, Shadow Play Entertainment has been committed to sharing the talents of its clients and making a difference in the lives of others. Now in March 2010, President and Founder Cyrus Webb is pleased to once again share the most recent highlights from the growing public relations family:

* Are you the author of a book that is considered inspirational and designed to help others? Are you an independently published author who is finding it difficult to get into bookstores? Then Christian Touch Media (3154 Mansfield Hwy * Forest Hill, TX 76119) is just for you. Located in Forest Hill, TX and founded by author J. Nicole Spencer, Christian Touch Media allows your books to be stocked and sold on a consignment bases and allows you to be marketed through their site and get on bookshelves next to books that are distributed nationally. Nicole is also the host of a radio program in the area as well called "On the Spot", and she will use that to market those who are sold in her store as well. If you are interested in this great opportunity, feel free to contact Christian Touch Media directly with any questions. Nicole can be reached at 817.413.4544 or Make sure you tell her that Shadow Play told you about it.

* Fashion designer/stylist/radio show host Gail Ambeau has been featured by California-based City Flight Magazine in an article called "Fashion: Contemporary African American Designers from San Francisco to New York" Read the article here:

* Want more Gail Ambeau? She has also been featured by Woman's Day onlnline in an article called "9 Secrets of Wardrobe Stylists". Read it here:

* Shadow Play welcomes Dr. Diane Hassan, author of ANGELS AMONG US...EVEN IN IRAQ to its family. After spending almost 20 years in Iraq, Diane wanted to share her experience and her story about the people with others. Find out more about the author and the book at

* Shadow Play is also working this Spring and Summer in the promotion of bestselling author Electa Rome Parks' newest title DIARY OF A STALKER. If you are looking for a spicy thriller with an enjoyable storyline, this is one book to put on your list. Find out more about Electa and her other work at

* Texas client Shane Gregory aka Mr. Mean Mug was recently featured by celebrated speaker/blogger Derrick Hayes. His comments on overcoming obstacles can be found here,

* Shadow Play Entertainment client and friend Tray Chaney is celebrating the launch of a new project featuring himself, his wife Ayesha and seven other couples. It is a Tyler New Media's documentary, YOU SAVED ME: an intimate look into the lives of eight married African-American couples. YOU SAVED ME explores marriage's trials, changes, successes, and ultimately the individual healing that comes out of true love and commitment. With a premiere on Sunday, March 28, 2010, YOU SAVED ME will be released on DVD at beginning on Monday, March 29th. Read more about the project here,

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

(March 22-30, 2010) Coming Up On Conversations LIVE! Radio

Shadow Play Entertainment is pleased to announce what you can look forward to in the coming days on Conversations LIVE! Radio. Hosted by Cyrus Webb, the award-winning talk show heard on the radio dial in the South and online worldwide continues to bring you the guests that people are talking about and shows on the issues that matter to you.

(To listen to any of the shows live, simply visit or listen via the studio line at 1.347.426.3645. All guests should call into the program at least 5 minutes early to ensure you are connected when the show goes live.)

MONDAY, MARCH 22, 2010 @ 1p.m. EST (12p.m. CST/10a.m. PT) --- Host Cyrus Webb welcomes multi-media personality Herndon Davis to Conversations LIVE! Radio to talk about his journey to success and the tour he is currently on to promote the new book REPACKAGED COMMON SENSE.

MONDAY, MARCH 22, 2010 @ 8p.m. EST (7p.m. CST/5p.m. PT) --- Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Charmaine Tucker to Conversations LIVE! Radio to talk about her new book and what's next for her in 2010.

TUESDAY, MARCH 23, 2010 @ 8p.m. EST (7p.m. CST/5p.m. PT) --- Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back author Diane Hassan to Conversations LIVE! Radio to catch listeners up on what she has been doing and to talk about her book ANGELS AMONG US...EVEN IN IRAQ.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24, 2010 @ 1p.m. EST (12p.m. CST/10a.m. PT) --- Cyrus Webb welcomes author Kelly Zimmerman Green at the top of the hour to talk about her journey as an author and the book Tender Love. At 30 min. past the hour, Webb welcomes back author Valerie Dodson to talk about her new non-fiction title.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24, 2010 @ 8p.m. EST (7p.m. CST/5p.m. PT) --- Cyrus Webb welcomes author Michele Cameron to Conversations LIVE! Radio to discuss her career as a writer, and what she hopes to achieve in 2010.

THURSDAY, MARCH 25, 2010 @ 8p.m. EST (7p.m. CST/5p.m. PT) --- Bestselling author Deborah Gregory of Cheetah Girls fame talks to Cyrus Webb of Conversations LIVE! Radio about her remarkable achievements and what's next for her.

SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 2010 @ 7p.m. EST (6p.m. CST/4p.m. PT) --- Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Dela Sandra McKnight to Conversations LIVE! Radio to discuss her new book THE SPIRIT OF NEW ORLEANS. At 45 min. past the hour, stay with Conversations for this week's edition of "Herschel D's Weekly Sports Wrap-Up".

MONDAY, MARCH 29, 2010 @ 1p.m. EST (12p.m. CST/10a.m. PT) --- Host Cyrus Webb welcomes bestselling author Zetta Elliott to Conversations LIVE! Radio to talk about her amazing career during Women's History Month.

TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 2010 @ 1P.M. EST (12p.m. CST/10a.m. PT) --- Host Cyrus Webb welcomes recording artist Debra Ashley to Conversatiosn LIVE! Radio to talk about her amazing career, when she found her voice and to debut her single DO IT AFRAID.

TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 2010 @ 8p.m. EST (7p.m. CST/5p.m. PT) --- Cyrus Webb welcomes author A. P. Jones to Conversations LIVE! Radio to talk about her journey as a writer, her new book BILLION DOLLAR WINNER and what's next for her.

Missed any of the live shows? Catch up at  Interested in advertising on Conversations LIVE! or being a guest? Contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Author Electa Rome Parks' Trip To Mississippi: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

(Sat. March 20, 2010) Shadow Play Entertainment and Conversations Book Club thanks everyone who played a part of Bestselling author Electa Rome Parks' trip to Mississippi being a success.

The last time the author was in the Magnolia State was for Conversations' Book Lovers Day in 2008. (see below)
At that time she was joined by several authors, however, this year readers got to spend time just with her.

Electa began her day at Books-A-Million in Jackson, MS. There she was able to meet with readers and talk about her sixth book DIARY OF A STALKER.

From there it was on the Pearl Public Library where she was greeted by the Reference Supervisor Jennifer Vess, and once again got a chance to talk about her new book and her overall career as an author.

After a short break, it was on to Appetizers Restaurant where she was able to get a bite to eat and talk about some of the themes in her latest thriller.

For those in Mississippi that might have missed Electa, there are signed copies of her book at Books-A-Million. To find out more about the author and her overall literary journey, visit

Herschel Dixon: Pulling His Own Weight In The Fight Against Obesity

by Cyrus Webb
(Note: Herschel Dixon spoke to Cyrus Webb on Conversations LIVE! Radio about his journey. Listen to the interview here:

The journey of Herschel Dixon is one that men and women across the world can relate to in some way.

Growing up, sports were more than just a hobby for the Cuba, Alabama native. Beginning at the age of four, he had found something he not only enjoyed but was good at. Growing up in Aurora, IL, he did well in school academically, but by the age of 12 or 13, he was already thinking of making football his profession in life. He trained hard, lifting weights and tried to take care of himself inside and out.

In high school Herschel was at the top of his game in football as a member of the Waubonsie Valley Warriors with numerous scholarships and college opportunities at his feet. By his junior year attending college at Western Kentucky his battle with his weight led to depression and threatened to derail his hopes for the future. But the worst was yet to come.

Herschel would not see his dream of playing ball professionally come to light. Though he left college,he didn't leave behind the eating habits that he had picked up. "Fast food was my biggest weakness," he confesses. "I looked at food as my way of escaping my problems instead of dealing with what was really bothering me."

By 2009, he found himelf married with two children and at a dangerous weight of over 380 pounds. It was at that point Herschel looked at his life and knew that he had to make a change. "I love my family with all my heart," he says, "I knew that if I kept on the path I was on, that I wouldn't be here for them in the future."

In August 2009, Herschel began to take steps that would change his life. After weighing his options, he decided to undergo the gastric band procedure, but he knew that was only a fraction of the equation. In order for him to make a real difference in his life, he was going to have to change his lifestyle as well---and that included what he put in his body.

Exercise, dietary supplements like Optimum Nutrition and making healther choices when it came to food became part of a new routine for Dixon. It also brought about a new mindset as well. "I look at food as something I have to do," he says. "I understand it's not my friend."

Eight months later and after losing over 80 pounds, Herschel may not be playing professional football, but he is making the most of each day. The 31-year old is hosting his own weekly radio show called "Herschel D's Weekly Sports Wrap-Up" and is a supporter of literacy programs like The Write Stuff and even has his own project in the works called Read Or Die.

Success looks different to him now. It's not about a big contract or even fame. "Success for me is about being the best husband, father and individual that I can be," Herschel says. "I want others to be able to look at me and what I've done and say that I encouraged them in their own fight. If I can help others, then that is all I could ever ask for."

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Recording artist/author Jacki-O Releases Excerpts From RELENTLESS

As national recording artist/author Jacki-O prepares to host events in Mississippi as part of the Hip Hop and Books literacy campaign during the month of April 2010, she is also excited to be sharing her story with others in anticipation of the release of her autobiography RELENTLESS.

Fans of her music and even her novel GROWN & GANGSTA will surely enjoy this in-depth look at her personal life and in the music world: the drama, sex scandals, beefs, extortion rumors and her take on the music business as a whole from the female artist perspective. RELENTLESS will take you into it all.

And now, here are excerpts from the forthcoming book RELENTLESS:

My life as an entertainer and individual has changed so much over the past five or so years. I feel less trusting of people because of what I have had to deal with. One of the biggest lessons I have had to learn is that it's difficult to do business with people if you have an emotional attachment to them, friends and family are the worst people to work with.They never seem to work as hard or be as loyal. It's hard to get into business with some people, period.

I've become emotionally torn in many ways. There are many lessons that have to be learned, and some of them I have had to learn the hard way. If you are going to make it in this business, you have to learn not to wear your heart on your sleeve. It's just that simple. If you let it, it will tear you apart. Believe me, this business can make you or break you if you're not careful.

Financially you hate to look at what you have to spend to get noticed,but it takes money to attract money and to look like money and attract money you gotta be willing to spend.See its different when you look at it from an artist's perspective.You just wanna spend and ball-outta control.There was no limit to the things i bought.From eighty thousand dollar Mercedes Benzes to ninety five hundred dollar Birkin bags. Its the the high you get when wealthy people look at you. They look at you different when you go into expensive restaurants and high end boutiques. You feel excepted and they feel less threatened.It feels like a sense of accomplishment and success. Success felt good. But when you are business woman you have to be smart... think of things. Know what's important and whats not.You don't get many opportunities twice, so you have to make wiser decisions and do what you can to stay out there.


As I tell you my story, I want you to know that I am as strong as I portray to be. Sometimes you fall down,dust yourself off and get back up. Depending on the person, some people stay down and lay down, I'm not the latter. People will try to keep you down in fear of you passing them in this rat-race. Because of who they think you are and what they think you have,they will use you and eat off of you until there is nothing left on the bone. A lot of things try to penetrate me,and a lot of it does, that's only because i am not a robot.I am a real person with real feelings.You just cant let them know it. At no point can you be derailed from your dreams, you can't allow people inside your emotional zone.Once i realized that people fed off my emotions, i stopped letting them in. That helped and it hurt because now the wall i had built to keep out the pain also kept out the joy.


Record companies want to spend as less as possible unless you have a strong following. And when i say strong, i mean Lady Gaga strong.Female artists have to be just as good as the boys in the game, if not better. Nowadays things are digital, so you have to make sure to stay relevant, or you're going to miss out. I put albums out on the Internet and make sure I keep the streets supplied with my music. In entertainment, people want to follow a chick that's fly. They don't care how bad she can spit. They want to see you looking good. That puts a lot of pressure on an artist, especially when the label wont do things for you not knowing if they will be able to recoup the money thats being spent.When money got tight with music,Thank GOD i kept my hustle.

Guys will come on to you in hopes of putting another notch on their belt.Ive entertained a few,but they were almost identical with the last.I wish i had a love story to tell you about how some guy in this business said all the right things and how much i was in love with another artist, but sorry i cant. In fact the guys that i did have personal interest with either were clones of other artists or were too full of themselves to keep me interested.So I always try to keep it business but somehow it always seems to turn into something else. Take this situation for example,really popular platinum selling rapper that has made a name for himself in the business who non apologetically often raps about drugs,asked for my number from my body guard.Me seeing this as a way to possibly get on a few songs and work with him, i agree to have my body guard give it to him. After what seemed to be a few innocent conversations about the industry, he then agreed to meet with me to listen to my music.I must admit,i was a bit excited. Not groupie excited, but really anxious.This could be a break for me.I was smart enough to not to meet him alone because in this business you just never know.So i took along a few people that was on my team including my body guard.He had a show in a small city about 2 1/2 hours away from Miami ,and 2 1/2 hours was nowhere to drive, especially to meet with a fellow artist that could possibly put me back on.When we got there, at his request, we met at his hotel. Since his entourage was large he had several rooms and it took a minute to find out which room he was actually in. When he did come out he seemed nervous and irritated so i decided to get straight to the point before i missed my opportunity to chop it up with him about my music.He knew my story or at least he thought he did, and started talking briefly about the whole Poe Boy mess i had been in, and because i didn't want to have him focus on the negative i decided now was the time to pull out my mp3's of my latest project.That's when things took a turn.I had been misled. He never wanted to hear any of my music, but i should have figured that out when he asked my body guard to stay outside the room.He had led me there for one purpose and one purpose only.SEX...

Not everyone that is trying to be around you is there to really help you.Some to share the shine and some just want to see what they can get from you. Take me for instance.I wanted to put out an album independently for my fans,just to let them know I was still here. I have been putting out mix-tapes since I left TVT/Poe Boy Ent

Because I have so much music, I wanted to make sure that I was getting the most out of it. A lot of it, I was just giving away on the streets for free. There were some who said I was crazy for putting all that music out there. I had someone approach me saying they wanted to offer me an independent deal. The deal was only for a 1 album mixtape,in which he would distribute it,but what I needed was an major album budget to get back out there.

This guy lets just call him (D.W.) had a long list of things he said he could do: promoting, getting me on the radio... None of it happened and things got nasty.I mean the only thing he kept his word on, was paying me all of the 12,000 dollars we agreed on for the mixtape.I did get that however, my first mind told me something wasn't right.He initially said we would do it as a mixtape and we did paperwork on it for a mixtape. However after he saw the amount of press i started getting from the mix-tape he started to promote it as an album..Red flags went up, before we could go back and redo our mixtape deal he started putting out the album without my knowledge. It was embarrassing for me, because I know what it takes to be successful. An artist needs proper promotion, good music and a strong team.. I had to find out from someone else that my mixtape was now being called an album and it was out on the Internet in stores and being sold!

The whole business with the guy was messed up. I never got a letter of direction saying how I wanted my money to come to me and not him. He had really sold me on this big idea of what he could do for me and the music, but in the end it was more trouble for me than anything else. Because he had done such sloppy work,the mixtape/album flopped! In the end, I was alone again trying to make things happen.I must say, i was kinda glad i had given him pre-released mixtape music. After all, isn't that what he first said we were doing?

By me doing other things like attending to my personal life and not having the help I needed, some things suffered.Websites,office duties and simple things like calling djs to ask for support,all started going bad. I decided somebody is going to hear my music one way or another. The majors weren't dealing with me, and some of the minors weren't paying me any attention because of my last situation.

I had to put in a lot of work all by myself: doing interviews, booking shows and promoting. I had bought a couple of promotional vans and had them wrapped, and it was time to hit the pavement. It wasn't the way I wanted to come back out, but I had to do what I had to do. .I work hard and everybody knows it. What bothers me is when people in the industry say all these good things about me and my music, but at the end of the day it is the "every man for himself" mentality. Alot are intimidated by a strong, talented female rapper, and because of that we suffer a lot as women in the business.

Look for RELENTLESS to be released later in 2010. For interviews,more information about the book, Jacki-o's involvment with literacy and other projects, contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.

TAKE TEN: My Conversation with author J. Nicole Spencer

She has overcome challenges that would have broken the average man or woman, but author and entreprenuer J. Nicole Spencer is by no means average. A native of Houston, TX, Spencer is building a multi-media brand that is reaching across the globe with the aim of helping others in their day-to-day lives. During her conversation with Cyrus Webb of Conversations, she talks about her beginnings, the foundation of her faith and success and what advice she has for anyone who wants to live a better life.

First of all, Nicole, thank you for taking some time to talk to us about your organization. Before we get too far into the business side of your life, why don't you tell our readers a little about yourself.
I am a native Houstonian raised by my mother the first half of my youth and my father the second half. I have been on my own since the age of seventeen. I joined the US Army at age eighteen with an attempt to escape a street life of drugs, alcohol and abuse. Running from the calling I heard on my life even as a young child I ran right in the hands of God. Although I made up my mind that I would have fun first then when I got older I would I turn to God, He had other plans for me. While serving in Korea I clearly heard the voice of God say, it’s time. November 2002 I rededicated my life to God and took off running.

Undergoing a dramatic transformation I developed an understanding of my calling to evangelize and serve the people of the very streets I was trying to escape. I returned home with a goal to do just that by starting a non-profit organization, United Soul Seekers, bringing many to Christ in the same community I once sold drugs in. Despite the success of my ministry my marriage brought about pain and low self-esteem. Struggling to keep together a marriage based on abuse and control I slowly drifted away from ministry while pregnant with my first child. After surviving a near death experience by the hands of my husband, my child and I relocated to the Dallas Fort Worth area. Frustrated with having to work full time and ask for donations to raise money to support my organization I decided to start my own business which will allow me to manage my own time and have an opportunity to make an unlimited amount of money to pour back into the kingdom. The birth of Christian Touch Media came from this frustration.

Do you think those who grew up around you are surprised about all the things you have done in such a short period of time?
Of course! I have always been a leader but I lead people straight to hell. I have always been a dreamer but my dreams had nothing to do with serving God. People in the Army and from my hometown could not believe the girl that was once the life of the party, was now talking about a man name Jesus. You know like the woman at the well, well that was me. From a youth I knew that I wanted to change the world but I didn’t know how. Once I sold out to the gospel I was ready for others to do the same. His love is where the passion of everything that God has allowed me to prosper.

There are many people, Nicole, who have goals of doing things in life. Some of them never achieve the level of success that you have. What do you think separates you from them?
Nothing! The same God I serve has predestined every believer for His good works. If we seek what He desires in due time success will follow. If we align our goals and desires to his plan and are diligent they shall come to pass. I give all glory to Him and Him alone. Yes there are principles that I follow but everyone has access to these same principles….. The Bible.

A great deal of what you do today comes under the umbrella of your business Christian Touch Media. Talk to us about where the idea for it came from and what it does.
A man once told me that he who dominates the media dominates the mind of man. I thought about that and said the quickest way for me to get the gospel out in this society is through the media. Think about it, texting, internet, TV, radio, books, newspapers, and magazines. Even marketing products, clothing and music influence people in the most powerful way. One day I thought to my self the church needs help in dominating media. Wouldn’t it be great if the Christian community could walk into a place where everything they needed to be effective for Christ was in one place? You know a one-stop shop? If you were a writer and needed assistance in publishing or selling your book. Or if you were an artist and you need to record. Or a teacher and you needed study tools. What about a business owner and you needed business cards? Well welcome to the world of Christian Touch Media. We create multiple outlets of marketing and media for the Christian community.

It would seem that a great deal of what you do, Nicole, is centered around your faith---even your work in the community. Talk to us about the role of faith in your life and how it has grown over the years.

I laugh because I do nothing, absolutely nothing without faith in Jesus! I am a simple woman with a back ground that doesn’t agree with my current circumstances. I should be dead or in jail right now. Instead God allowed me to write a book. God allowed me to raise my child with a clear mind. God allowed me to have a business when I was once a slave to corporate America. With out Him I am nothing. Every moment of my life is depended upon His grace.

We are living in a time when people are afraid because of everything that is going on in the world around them. How do you keep such fear from keeping you from achieving your goals?
I am not of this world or its economy. I started a business with faith and three thousand dollars in the middle of a recession and have profited 4 times over. In the economy I operate in faith is like a million dollars. I am rich not by the balance in my account but by the faith that God brings me to through every level of knowing Him more. Even if I fall flat on my face today I am still rich because I serve a God who can flip $1 into a million if I have enough faith to let it flow into my life.

One of your latest projects is the release of the book "Sarah's Secrets". Can you tell us about the inspiration for it and what you hope readers take away from the book or the audio version?
Honestly I feel like I had no choice. I really wanted to write a book but not this book. Sarah’s Secrets Exposing the Fear of Submission is a book that teaches women about biblical submission. This was a topic that I fought with for a long time, as due many women today. Submission is a topic that society has rejected time and time again, yet our Bible teaches it. How can we as Christian reject a mandate from God? In this book I reveal three simple but powerful secrets that will help women submit to God first then to godly authority in their lives. Sarah Abraham’s wife is our teacher and four women grow to learn how these secrets can benefit them. It was a book that I had to write because God instructed me to.

Here we are in a new year with many possibilities ahead. What are your goals for your business and yourself personally in 2010?
As for myself I desire Gods righteousness more than anything else right now. I have salvation but now I want to be like Christ. In 2010 I’m asking Him clean, restore, and grow me in Him. As for my business, my record label, clothing line and several more store locations are on my plate to develop in 2010.

Nicole, any advice you want to give to those who might hear your story and want to find out how to make their dreams come true?
Do not live your life in vain. What ever time you have left on this earth help someone by being all that God called you to be.

Thank you again for your time, Nicole, and continued success to you. For those who might want to keep up with you online, how can they do so?
Thank you. I have several websites in which they can find information,, and

Monday, March 15, 2010

(Monday, March 15, 2010) News From Shadow Play Entertainment

Shadow Play Entertainment is pleased to give you this week's important news stories:

Cyrus Webb, President of Shadow Play Entertainment, is quoted in a new article by The Entreprenette Gazzette discussing the pros and cons of having celebrities endorse your product or services. See here:

Recently Shadow play Entertainment discovered that it's online edition of its radio program, Conversations LIVE!, was chosen as one of's top 200 shows of 2009! Thanks to all of our loyal listeners,some tens of thousands across the world, for your support. We are committed to bringing you the very best of the arts, entertainment and current events on the radio, and with your help we will continue to do so.

Resident Chef Bruce Tretter, host of "Quick & Easy Cooking Tips" on Conversations LIVE! Radio, has a new recipe featured by The Beauty Bean's popular website. Take a look at this delicious dish here:

Shadow Play Entertainment is pleased to welcome two new authors to its growing public relations family: Rita B. Davis (OVERWHELMED) and Andre Johnson (YEARNING FOR CONTROL). Find out more information about each client at

(Sat. March 20, 2010)Shadow Play Entertainment is pleased to be hosting bestselling author Electa Rome Parks in events in Jackson and Pearl, Mississippi. See for details.

(Fri. March 26th & Sat. March 27, 2010) Shadow Play Entertainment is pleased to be hosting author/media personality Herndon Davis in events in Jackson and Pearl, Mississippi. See for details.

(Sat. April 3, 2010) Shadow Play Entertainment welcomes author Rita B. Davis to discuss her book OVERWHELMED with Conversations Book Club at Appetizers Restaurant (3000 Hwy 80 E * Pearl, MS) from 6-8p.m.

(April 15-17, 2010) Shadow Play Entertainment will be hosting national recording artist/author Jacki-O and authors Mr. Mean Mug and Jermnine Demouchtte in events centered around its Hip Hop and Books Literacy Campaign in Mississippi. Find details here:

For details on any of the above, contact Cyrus Webb at, 601.896.5616 or visit

Sunday, March 14, 2010

(Sun. March 14, 2010) Conversations' Visit With Author Andre Johnson: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

(Sunday, March 14, 2010) Shadow Play Entertainment and Conversations Book Club wish to thank everyone who came out to support author Andre Johnson in his discussion at Appetizers Restaurant in Pearl, MS on Saturday, March 13, 2010.

Though we had been introduced to the Mississippi author some time ago, this was the first time he had spoken to the group about what it has been like for him to live with Bipolar Disorder, the effect it has had on his family and friends, and what he hopes people get from his book YEARNING FOR CONTROL.

Joining the conversation were his beautiful wife and mother who shared their own experiences, even addressing the stigma that some feel when it comes to dealing with the subject of mental illness. One of the points made at the discussion was the importance of having a conversation about the subject and dealing with it directly instead of trying to sweep it under the rug.

Before the night ended, Conversations had the pleasure of being joined by fellow Mississippi author Rita B. Davis. She will be hosted in her own discussion at Appetizers on Sat. April 3, 2010 to discus her book OVERWHELMED.

Look for Conversations Book Club President Cyrus Webb and author Andre Johnson to hold a special discussion in April 2010 about those affected directly and indirectly with mental illness. In the meantime, to learn more about Andre, visit and click on the link that takes you to his radio interview with Webb on Conversations LIVE! Radio.

To stay abreast of upcoming author visits and events, visit

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

(March 26-27, 2010) Mississippi Welcomes Author Herndon Davis

Shadow Play Entertainment and Conversations Book Club are pleased to announce that author Herndon Davis, will be in Mississippi March 26th and March 27, 2010 promoting his new book REPACKAGED COMMON SENSE.

Davis is the 7th author that Conversations has worked with in 2010 as part of its "Read Well, Eat Well, Live Well" campaign. "We are glad to have the opportunity to work with Herndon durng his visit to the Magnolia State," says Cyrus Webb, President of Conversations Book Clb. "We know those who attend the events we have planned will definitely get something out of them that they can use and pass on to others."

You can catch author Herndon Davis at the following locations during his visit (All events are free and open to the public):

FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 2010

* 8:30-10:30a.m., Peeples Middle School (Jackson, MS)

* 11:30-1:30p.m., Morrison Academic Center (Jackson, MS)

* 6-8p.m., (Meet and Greet/Booksigning) Appetizers Restaurant (3086 HWY 80 E * Pearl, MS)

* 1-3p.m., (Meet & Greet/Signing) Pearl Public Library (2416 Old Brandon Road * Pearl, MS)

* 6-8p.m., (Meet & Greet/Signing) Appetizers Restaurant (3086 HWY 80 E * Pearl, MS)

ABOUT REPACKAGED COMMON SENSE: Repackaged Common Sense is a 13 chapter, 200 page spiritual guide book for individuals seeking career and business success by utilizing spirituality tools and techniques. The book speaks directly to career minded people-of-faith from all beliefs as it is written through the lens of universal spirituality and metaphysical thinking.

The book's author created the guide based upon his nearly twenty year career in corporate finance, human resources and media/PR as both an employee and now as an independent business owner. He credits his success to embracing new age spiritual concepts which he lovingly coins as "repackaged common sense."

The book will be available at all events for only $20. For more information about any of the above, contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Actor/Author/Recording Artist Tray Chaney Talks Stereotypes and The Oscars

On Friday, March 5, 2010 Tray Chaney* (actor/author/recording artist) joined Professor Christopher J. Metzler on KUOW 94.9 FM in Seattle, Washington to discuss Stereotypes and the Oscars on The Conversation with host Ross Reynolds.

Does the nomination of comedian/talk show host/actress Monique for her role in Precious do harm or good for the roles that blacks are being recognized for today? The three discuss that topic in a lively conversation.

Listen to the segment here:

*Find out more about what Tray Chaney has been up to by visiting